[Vaseline Skin Fund]

The EASE Education Resource Center has been exclusively sponsored by the Vaseline Skin Fund. The aim of this Fund is to improve the lives of those affected by skin conditions by uncovering and sharing knowledge and advice.

There is no cure for eczema, but, in most cases, it is manageable. We hope you will use the information contained in the Education Resource Center to broaden your knowledge of eczema and its treatment, enhance dialogue with your physician, and ultimately help identify the appropriate treatment strategy to fit your individual needs.

The Education Resource Center presents basic information on eczema, a glossary of terms, skin care recommendations, a reference library, and an “In the News” section.

Basic information relating to the care and treatment of eczema is provided in an easy to understand format. Factual information on eczema is presented, along with treatment options, and a guide to ingredients to avoid in personal care products. Bathing and moisturizing information is available at the Educational Resource Center.

The education and reference library contains indexed articles, medical updates, references, research and journal publications, and information from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

The Education Resource Center also includes an “In the News” section of newspaper articles of interest, press releases, and TV/Radio publicity.

Videos and other new technology will be included at a future date.

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