The mission of The National Eczema Association (NEA) is to improve the health and quality of life for individuals with eczema and severe sensitive skin conditions through support, education and research. In furtherance of this mission, NEA has established the Eczema & Sensitive-Skin Education (EASE) Program and the NEA Seal of AcceptanceTM.

Eczema patients and their caregivers are often distraught, confused and apprehensive. Physicians and medical professionals rarely have time to engage in the support and education that is essential to the ultimate treatment of the disease.  The National Eczema Association addresses this need, and as such, interacts with thousands of people each year.  What do they want to know?  What are most often asked questions?  They include: What soaps can I use?  Where can I find understandable and reliable resources on treating my disease? What moisturizers are best? What can I use on my baby? What laundry detergents won’t irritate my skin? Are there any pajamas that will help my child sleep?  They share their experiences gained from using various products and express their frustration regarding misinformation, confusing website searches and the resulting sense of isolation.

The Eczema & Sensitive-Skin Education (EASE) Program is a patient empowerment program that is intended to improve the quality of life for millions of persons who suffer from eczema and severe sensitive skin conditions. By providing educational tools and resources relating to the care and treatment of eczema and sensitive skin, the EASE Program makes it easier for consumers to navigate the complexity of information directed at eczema and sensitive skin patients and to evaluate the myriad of personal care and household products on the market.

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